20 Mar 2013

9 Mar 2013


Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah.
  • MBBS from king Edward Medical College Lahore ( 1987 – 1988 )
  • Passed CSS examination in 1991 and was placed in Customs and Excise Group.

  • Present Posting.
  • Additional collector customs. Lahore

  • Previous Assignments
    1. Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
    2. Worked on unicef sponsored projects with Aurat Foundation.
    3. Joined Central Board of Revenue As Assistant Collector Customs in 1992 & worked as Assistant Collector / Deputy Collector Additional Collector customs, Sales Tax & central Excise at various stations including Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad & Lahore. Monitored / supervised revenue Collection with special emphasis on plugging of revenue leakages, through information gathering and strict enforcement control from 2003 to January 2007.
    4. Worked as Additional Drector, Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation ( Customs and Excise ) Regional Office, Lahore from May 2003 to February 2007 where main job was to plug the revenue leakages in the revenue department by ensuring effective enforcement & other checks on tax evaders and their connivers. There was special emphasis on control of smuggling of contraband goods including narcotics.
    5. Worked as Add Collector Sales Tax and Federal Excise, Regional Tax Office, Lahore (2007 - 2009)
    Intellectual Property Rights
    1. Special interest in the field of “Intellectual Property Rights”.
    2. Many consignments of pirated CD`s and counterfeit medicines were seized from Lahore Airport under my supervision.
    3. Represented Pakistan in a conference of regional heads of law enforcement agencies on the problem of pirated optical Discs” in Dubai.
    4. Member of “Intellectual property Enforcement Coordination Committee” constituted by IPO- Pakistan.
    Other fields of Interest. Practicing Medical Doctor, opened free medical Clinics for the poor & needy patients At various places of posting at present running a charitable Hospital in Lahore and Lahore-Swat Maternity Home in Takhat Bai, Mardan, Khyber Pukhatoon Khwa under the banner of Customs Health Care Society which are providing free diagnostic as well as curative health care facilities to the poor & non affording patients for the last 10 Years.
    • Training of community health Workers.
    • Causing Health awareness for the last 15 years through medical columns in national dailies / magazines and informative books.
    • Special interest / experience in Disaster Relief Management. Took active part in Octover 8th Earthquake Relief Work & a team doctors / bolunteers led by the unde4rsigned provided medical / relief supplies to more then 25000 Earthquake effecters by working day and night in the Quake hit areas of NWFP and Azad Jammu & Kashmir and 29th October, 2008 Earthquake in Ziarat.
    • Working for the Care and Welfare of the IDPs of Swat, Malakand and South Waziristan since may 2009.
    • Cure with care and its Urdu translation “Ilaj Mein Ihtiyat”
    • Health Care
    • Teenage Tinglings
    • Teenage Guide (Urdu)
    • Family Health (Urdu)
    • A Travelogue to Japan (Suraj Devta Key Des Main)
    • Dwa-Ghiza aur Shifa.
    • Zalzala Zakhum aur Zindgi

    • Ziarat, Zalzala aur Zindgi
    • Swat, Higrat Aur Khidmat

    2 Mar 2013


    A page from the Book, ALLAH, KAABA AUR BANDA.


    The House of Allah, Kabaa of Allah, is all out in my focus of eyes, What a splendid-scene! It is the most dignified and glorified place on earth. It is the Kaabaa, whose name always necessarily clicked on my tongue and lips before start of every prayer five times a day. Right now Kabaa is in front with its full vibrancy and exuberance. Its the deviling of my ALLAH. Dignified, compelling, and glorified, it's the same House where ALLAH descends from Heaven and manifests here. It excited me, it moved me. Unruly yearnings and passions tend to exalt all limits and boundaries. The bowl of love and devotion brimmed and exhumed. Ecstasy riden heart resorted to mix in an unknown and unseen spiritual realm. My inner tend to become one, there was nothing in between. My body overcame by unknown forgetfulness reigned and chain of tears began to trickle down to through my cheeks and my beard was soaked with my tears. All works and methods of praise and prayer vanished away from my lexicon pool and faculty. My very first sight at Kabaa peeped through Babe Abdul Aziz. What was ahead? It was House of ALLAH in its splendedness and grandeur. The first idol house on the earth in the wrold's all idol houses. The image of which remained as center of all prayers which I could offer through whole span of my life. That is right now before my eyes. First my eyes bow down in sheer veneration, then raised and continued to have focus on a single entity. They choose one place, one point and stayed on the House of Allah for a moment, I thought my eyes have become stationary and pupils are not moving. A wave spilled through my body and nerves. Hairs on skin got straightened; a comma like situation gripped me. Is it a dream or the work of my fancy? I closed my eyes, then opened and slightly rubbed them to believe, to confirm whether I am in a dreamland or really in the Court of my creator. It was confirmed. Henceforth, my eyes never allowed me to take away or to shift them. Since long they were in a state of waiting? Since, how long they wanted to see it, to focus it? Words are not toeing the line of my impulses, my uttering's. I do not possess good command over words. I do not know how to choose them. The dignity and splendid', as occurred and revealed to me, is indescribable. If all oceans on earth may convert into ink and all trees be consumed in the manufacturing of pens, the dignity and Glory of the House of ALLAH cannot be encompassed / recorded. Let alone my drained and humble pen.


    It is very strange and unexplainable state of my inner self. Happiness and pleasure brew in every nerve of mine. My pride in assimilating Holiness, Glory and Exalted sight of House of Allah was out of bounds. My inner felt in ecstasy, elevation and in a state of enlightenment. The very sight of House of ALLAH lent me in a state of forgetfulness. I was escalating to a state where I was being absorbed in House of ALLAH. There was nothing in between. It was the moment when the name of the Book ALLAH, KAABA AUR BANDDA clicked on my mind and I immediately decided to name it accordingly.

    Every pilgrim goes through a circle seven times around the House of ALLAH. What a grand Site it presents it. Does this process signify a system? Persons form all nations of the world take part in circles around Kaabaa in a uniform way. Whites, blacks, yellows, of flattened nose, of round and small faces, of bulky and thin bodies, of white, black and of curly hairs, young, of six or seven feet height or of 3 or 4 feet of low height, men and women all participate in an slowly moving stream. O Lord! All these supplicate before you. They had been waiting for this place since years. They have found the fruits of their desire. O ALLAH! they all are at your door step. All are in a state of happiness, satisfaction and feel pride on their luck. Your House has a unique spiritual pull towards it. This serves as a unique center for all Muslims on this temporal world. Asma, weeping with flowing streams of tears, repeatedly expresses. "O ALLAH! we had never afforded even to think that we would be so fortunate to be physically in your House and fortune would ever smile on us in this way. We would be in front of your house and there would be no obstacle/prevention, we would be so close to the infinite". ALLAH has descended from heaven; His indirect manifestation, He is seeing his humble worshipers, smiling over them, answering our earnest supplications. O ALLAH, all these your creatures, worshipers are circling around your House, they are today in moment of crises and difficulty, guide them a way to come out of existing impasse. While praying, particularly focused on, for the children from Pakistan, all came to my mind who had requested for prayers. In my youth, my grandfather used to predict. "my grandchild shall be a renowned Civil Surgeon". My grandmother, my maternal grandfather and mother, my maternal uncle and above all my mother in law, all these figures, who used to pray for me, for a moment vanished from my mental screen as we stepped in the House of ALLAH. but as soon as I recovered my conscious self all patterns of supplications and prayers began recurring in my inner-self.

    All knocked at my consciousness who had requested for prayers, however, forgetfulness and ecstasy-ridden state continued to swell in till the last round. Passions of pride are brimming out as I am penning down these lines in the Court yard Masjid-e-Haraam. The time for Zahur is approaching. I have certainly been chosen by Divine Will to offer my first prayer in the Court yard of Haram and pleasure surging within me. My heart is throbbing for over this high and exalted fortune.

    1 Mar 2013


    Readers who wish to order the Hard Copy of the book can forward cheques and funds worth Rs 700/- plus Courier Charges(available at http://www.p4d.co.uk/chargesforcourierforpakistan) in favour of Health Care Society, Account No. 5448-9 ( Bank Code: NBPAPKKa.02L  -  1887 ) National Bank of Pakistan Moon Market. Allama Iqbal town Branch, Lahore, Pakistan,

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    The book will be sent on a three day notice. 

    Readers who wish to order the Soft Copy of the book can forward funds and cheques worth Rs 700/- in favour of Health Care Society, Account No. 5448-9 ( Bank Code: NBPAPKKa.02L  -  1887 ) National Bank of Pakistan Moon Market. Allama Iqbal town Branch, Lahore, Pakistan,

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